Personalised readings with Claire Petulengro

One to one readings with a true Romany gypsy and clairvoyant which will reveal your past, present and future.

Private one-to-one readings with renowned clairvoyante Claire Petulengro

It’s been said that psychics are the new wellness coaches and I would wholeheartedly agree. Your health and happiness are the key to your wellbeing and a reading with me will help you focus on what you need.

Using my cards, crystal ball, runes and my gift I can attune to the very essence of you and help you heal from the past, understand the meaning of your present situation, and work towards a future that builds on your needs and desires.

Whether you would like a one-off reading to help with a current situation or regular readings to coach you through life’s ups and downs, I am here for you and can be your guide.

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