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July 2020

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I’ve noted a bit of an atmosphere in the home. I also see that you have not done anything to change it… Try not to be so stubborn this month. I know that a certain someone has missed you, as much as you’ve missed them. Try to deal with the real issue, which is behind this restless mood.  Your work sector shows need for re-organisation. Try making the professional changes now, and the personal will soon fall into place. Someone you thought you would not hear from again, makes contact. Think carefully before replying. Call now for sense and structure in the weeks ahead. 0905 789 4221.


This is a month of many firsts for you, Taurus.  You’re ready to take life head on and you no longer seem to be worried or scared about what others think of you. This newfound confidence seems to link to the new and improved personal life, which is slowly but surely developing this month. Just remember not to overanalyse, but take things one day at a time. It’s the key to you finding the happiness, I know you seek. You begin to ask yourself some important questions with regards to your long-term happiness. Events around the 12th offer your best view. Ring now for a long-term view on love. 0905 789 4222.


Try not to be jealous of the success a close one is enjoying right now. It may take them further away from you for now, but it is sure to bring you closer together, once they see what a source of support and comfort you have been to them.  Could it be, that their changes have forced you to ask yourself some important life questions?  Don’t be afraid to do a bit of soul searching this month, Gemini. Venus and Mars are on hand to ensure that you are honest with both yourself, and those around you.  Ring now to hear which sign is worth giving a second chance to.  0905 789 4223.


There seems to be a more contented feel to your chart of late. No longer are you testing your close ones, but you’re happy to go along with what others think is a good idea. This newfound trust means that the repair work you did last month was a success. All you have to do now, my friend, is to stop bringing up the past. This is something which proves harder to do from the 15th to the 20th, so make a mental note, to be careful of what you say and do around this time. Ring now to hear why it’s worth traveling long distances to take a chance on love.  0905 789 4224.



What was right for you yesterday, may not be right for you today. Give yourself permission to grow and to change your mind. Learn from your newfound wisdom, which Saturn has granted you.  Time spent with those you love this month; offers you chance for much reflection. Believing in yourself and striving for more professionally from the 12th, can help you gain back the control which last month saw you lose.  Pisces link to the healing which needs to be done in a family matter. Ring now to hear why you’re more psychic then most this month. 0905 789 4225.


Be bold with your goals and stop playing it safe.  If you remain in familiar territory, you will never experience the thrill of the unknown.  What you wanted from this month can be yours, if you can find the courage to ask direct questions, rather than skirting around issues.  The home comes under the spotlight and may demand more of your cash flow than you were prepared for. With this in mind, try to put something aside, it can help to make your social life and personal options as flexible as you had planned. Ring now to hear who you need to spend more time with. 0905 789 4226.


Whatever is happening in your life, help is only as far as asking for it.  Once you accept this fact, then you will start to see the progress your life can make.  Changes to the way you live your day to day life may be difficult to adapt to, but are sure to work in your favour in the long run, so hang on in there. Be prepared to have to pay out money sooner than you thought, for an event which is still some time away. Family want to know more than you want to share. Don’t lie. They have more facts at their fingertips than you think. Ring now for a life plan. 0905 789 4227.


Social media and all forms of communication in fact, can turn out to be both a blessing and a curse this month. Be careful of saying, texting or posting things which may put you firmly in a camp you may not wish to remain in. Keeping your options open for work will prove difficult, but by mid-month it appears that several faces are fighting over you.  A break away from the norm is also what’s needed, so try to arrange something with you in mind, that you will enjoy. It’s the key to making your recent hard work worthwhile. 0905 789 4228.


You, Sagittarius, are your own teacher and well of wisdom. Listen to everyone’s advice but always remember to listen to your heart.  Something you were dreading coming up, is likely to be cancelled, but rather than be relieved you appear to be angry with yourself for having allowed others control. The fact that you have realised this is the important thing, Sagittarius.  This is a time of decision making, as far as your career and study are concerned. What you say yes to now, will affect your life for many months to come. Ring now to hear why I’m so excited about your future. 0905 789 4229.


Listen to your inner voice. It will be your closest friend in difficult times and will help you make good decisions in your life.  It seems as if someone has been doing some sort of an experiment with your life lately, to see how far they can mentally push you.  Taking time out to remember who you are this month, what makes you laugh and who fills your heart will help you to put life and love into proper perspective.  Changes in the family may not sit well, but look to be for the best, so show faith. Ring now to hear how Taureans hold the key to financial gain. 0905 789 4230.


Something you have been trying to complete for a long time, is now becoming a thorn in your side.  Try to take action sooner rather than later, as the great teacher Saturn tells me, that you have learnt your lesson and now it’s time to use it to get to the next, more profitable side of the situation.  Family make it hard for you to please them, and you may want to try explaining calmly and coolly what’s been going on in YOUR life. Ring now to reveal all.  0905 789 4231.


You seem to be feeling neglected, but you also know that your close ones have had a lot going on in their personal lives of late.  Try to make time to catch up with those you love in person, rather than just on Facebook, or by phone.  It’s the key to you finding out what you want out of your relationship. I see, that you’ve had to do a lot of growing up in the last two years. Now it’s time to use all you have learned. Ring now to take the first step. 0905 789 4232.

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