Hand drawn tarot cards from Claire Petulengro

My beautifully drawn tarot cards have been designed by me to help you learn the art of reading the cards.

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Welcome, to the Claire Petulengro Romany Gypsy Tarot Deck. 

These beautiful hand drawn tarot cards, have been carefully designed by me, alongside artist Laura Renwick. They have been specifically designed, to include my family history and Romany Gypsy heritage, to take you through an exciting and mystical learning journey. 

These cards aim to make the world of Tarot more accessible for readers, at whatever level. Whether this is your first pack, or one to add to your collection, it’s scattered with hidden ‘easter eggs’ so there is always another layer to peel off and take you further, when you are ready. 

Romany Gypsies have had an affiliation with tarot cards, since the 15th Century, when my ancestors were driven from India to become the nomads, they are now known as. With connections to Egypt, their journey across the globe over the centuries has been a colourful one, with many lessons to learn, teach and share.

Amongst our many gifts, we have trained not only in the art of Tarot, but also palm readings, astrology and clairvoyance and many other forms of divination and these are all reflected, in the training, I will be giving you.

My immediate family Eva Senior and Junior, Leo, Xavier and Petulengro’s past and present are included in the deck, (including my own children as they age, so  they too, can grow with the cards, as well as the soul family, I have made from across the globe. The writer, George Burrows, lived with and wrote about the Petulengro Gypsies and this pack continues the journey of getting to know this hidden races secrets and gifts. It’s time so share what we know. This deck brings all cultures together. All are welcome!

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