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Star Sign Character Scroll


A love letter to you, this scroll reveals what makes you so unique and special. Six pages of in-depth analysis of your traits and characteristics as set by the stars. Order yours today. Read more below.



Understand, and share with others, just what makes you unique and special.

This beautiful 6 page scroll on vintage paper sealed with wax is a highly personalised dedication to you and your innate beauty gifted to you by the stars.

The scroll is signed and dedicated to you by me, Claire Petulengro, astrologer to the stars and a true Romany gypsy and it covers many, many aspects of your personality as defined by the stars such as your:

– Traits and characteristics
– Love and dream dates
– Health and food
– Lucky gemstones, plants, metals an colours
– Motto to live by

The scroll can be framed and displayed in your home or kept with your other treasured keepsakes.

When ordering simply let me know your date, time and place of birth (if known) so I can make your chart as accurate as possible.

It will be delivered by post with your postage included in my price to you.


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