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Mar 21 - Apr 20

These really are sexy people but they need that touch of romance as well. One night stands or casual sex is not something they usually indulge in. They relish every relationship as an adventure to be remembered and cherished and are mainly attracted by physical appearance and reputation. These people can, for periods of time, be indifferent to sex, which can make it tough in a marriage to a partner of a different nature and this can often drive partners into the arms of someone else.

Aries have to feel in love with a person and sometimes convince themselves that they are, only to find out too late that it was just sex after all. They hate to hurt others feelings and will follow the lead of their partners, but this often results in boredom, which makes them vulnerable for a new lover or flirtation.

And just who are the most compatible signs for an Aries? Well lets take a look...

The best marriages for the ram are with a Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius and sometimes even with a fellow Aries. If you are not one of these signs, then don't worry. Don't give up yet, although we do have some work to get down to.

Firstly you need to get your hands on a diamond, as this is their birthstone and also it’s irresistible to almost any sign. And action is the key word for them, so you will need to keep them constantly motivated and entertained.|Variety is the spice of life for them, so don't be shy of introducing change, both outside the home and in. Try not to promise them things that you know you cannot deliver, as they hate disappointments.

Hot is an understatement to how they like their sex life and you will have to be a pretty passionate person to be a permanent fixture in their lives.They are the first of the three cardinal signs and are positive and masculine.

They love to discover new things and are constant explorers with an insatiable appetite for love. They are hard work, but the rewards are obviously great.|Jealousy is something that may become a problem, not through unfaithfulness but because friends may decide that it is fun to flirt with an Aries and this could wind you up if you do not know them well.

So if it is a new date, be careful of looking paranoid, the Aries person will run a mile if you do.|Love is an essential thing for them and they can appear naive at times, as their sign is all about being newborn and the beginning of life. So don't be surprised if they don't get the dirty jokes that others are laughing at. The truth is they really don't understand what you are talking about. Make sure that you support them in any new ideas and they will return the gesture twice over. In demanding times you may find them too much. If you don't reassure them constantly, they take it that you no longer care and it can be quite frustrating to constantly have to guarantee your feelings to them.

Just remember that all the best passion comes with a little fire on the side and it is up to you to decide whether you can handle it. As the saying goes... if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. The decision is yours...

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Apr 21 - May 21

The dominant personality of a Taurean can be attractive to many. Although they flirt which is quite well-known, it is only a surface characteristic. They are not easily attracted and not just anybody will do for this sign. Nor are they easily led astray. If they commit themselves, then you can be fairly sure it will be for keeps. At least this will definitely be their intention.

They can go through periods of promiscuity at some point in their lives and some Taureans could be described as party animals, out until all hours of the day, but this hardly ever lasts long and they will never sneak about. If they are cheating it is likely that everyone will know about it.|If they are with the right person then they will restrict their sexual attention exclusively to their mate.Dominant in lovemaking, they show their feelings through actions and not words.

And just who are the most compatible signs for a Taurus? Well let's take a look...

The best marriages for the bull are with a Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Capricorn. If you are not one of these signs then don't worry; don't give up yet, although you may need some hints on how to handle this flirty, fun sign.

Firstly you need to get your hands on an emerald or agate, as this is their birthstone. Try wearing one yourself and see if the magnetism works. Dominance is key for them and you may have to be prepared to let them take the lead both in love and life. Known as one of the greatest flirts of the zodiac they are often accused of being a tease.

They are an earth sign and love nothing more than good food and sex and sometimes even put the two together. So now you know how to tempt a Taurus!

The home is important to them, so make sure that you keep it in order, even if they don't. Make the home attractive and you can be fairly sure they will want to stay. In fact a night in for two is far more appealing to them than a night on the town.

One of the better signs at intimacy, they don't mind showing their feelings, although it is far more likely to be in body language and actions rather than words. They like to be babied, but I would not encourage this too much as they can become irritating when they act in this way and it can take a long time to snap them out of it.

They are positive personalities with qualities such as patience, steadfastness and conviction. Stubbornness is their major downfall and they can at times use love to get what they want. Put it this way - they are not afraid to hold out for what they want, which may mean that you will be a little frustrated. They are sure to be able to stand their ground longer than almost any other sign in the zodiac.|If you give love to a Taurus and you are physically compatible then they will love you back unconditionally.

They use their senses to the full and not only can you tempt them with food but also perfume. So buy them a bottle or even wear a seductive smell yourself. Stick to something earthy and not too artificial. Musk would be an especially sensual smell to attract them. Give it a try but make sure you have the energy to follow up your intentions. Good luck and remember to save plenty of energy up... you'll need it!

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May 22 - June 21

Sex for a Gemini can be very much a way of life, for they are aware of their natural appeal. There is something about this sign, you can feel their presence when they walk into a room. It is almost impossible to ignore them.They cannot be accused of being shy or inhibited as they are proud of their bodies and you will often find that they are not embarrassed to walk around half dressed or even naked and that can just be in front of friends. They ooze sex appeal without appearing forward.

You may find it hard to remember who chatted up whom as they can make a situation seem so natural. They can turn on and off suddenly and don't need to feel as if they are in love with a person to feel the need for them. They are easily satisfied with a lover and don't need all the romantic trimmings that some signs feel necessary. They are terrible at secret love affairs because their forthright and direct approach makes for a lousy liar. And just who are the most compatible signs for a Gemini? Well let's take a look...

The best marriages for the gorgeous Gemini are with an Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius and sometimes with a fellow Gemini. If you are not one of these signs and want to know how to gently woo a Gemini, then it may take you a little while longer to adjust to their ways and learn their secrets.

Pearls are the birthstone for this sign and wouldn't be a bad start if you were looking for a gift to get their attention. Physical is the key word for them as they like no love sex. It is an important part of a relationship for them, so beware of trying to use it as a weapon because it may just go off in your face. They are really looking for a soul mate so I would only advise that you pursue them if you feel a true affiliation or you will be wasting your time.|Known as the gypsy of the zodiac you must be prepared for an unpredictable life if you choose them for a partner. Don't be surprised if they return home one day to tell you that they want to move to the other side of the world. A decision like this will feel quite normal to them and if you are truly their soul mate then they will expect you to understand.

They are versatile and quick but some people perceive them as a little shallow and find that they tell too many tall stories. Women of this sign can often leave a man feeling deflated with the coolness they exude.

They go after whom they want,when they want, but are in no way stupid. If you are good to them then they will stick with you through thick or thin. Oh, you are not allowed to stray at all. For if you do, they will be gone before you can say the words, I'm sorry.

The really bad news is that they often seek revenge. They don't mean to but they may often talk of past conquests as they are a strong air sign. They don't mean it in a cruel way, they are just open with their life and like to talk about things they have learnt and explored from past lovers.

If you decide to stick with this sign then I can promise you that life will certainly never be boring. There will always be something going on and you are sure never to be short of conversation.

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June 22 - July 23

As lovers these people are responsive, generous and undemanding, as long as they feel that they can trust and that they are loved. This is an incredibly deep personality, as their need for emotional security can at times lead to affairs if they are not getting the attention they crave.

Passion and love go hand in hand and they hardly ever experience one without the other and you will not usually find them with a partner unless they are both physically and mentally attracted to them. They are sensitive and easily hurt or made to feel inadequate, which leads to a lot of frustration for them. Appearances are often deceiving.

They appear self-possessed and confident and well able to conduct their love life along the lines they desire. And just who are the most compatible signs for a Cancerian?. Well let's take a look...

The best marriages for the creative crab are with a Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.If you are not one of these signs then you are going to have to make sure that you go out of your way to give them constant attention.

Their birthstone is the ruby which is incredibly lucky for them and what better a way to seduce them than with a beautiful jewel?

The key word for them is deep, as you can never really be sure what is going on beneath that gorgeous smile. This sign hates being thought of as a child, so make sure that you take them places of grown up interest. The only problem is that they really are a child at heart and would love nothing more than to be able to let themselves go, so if they act a little immature at times, don't dwell on it, let them have their fun.|This is the sign also of femininity and you will probably not see a more graceful sign enter your life.

Terribly dreamy their ideal date would be something extraordinary that they never usually get the chance to do. They love far fetched movies and appreciate the beauty of fine clothes and art. If they tell you what you're wearing is no good, then change as they are probably right.

They hate loss and failure so if they are over twenty, chances are that they are still upset by a broken teen date or ex partner. They won't talk about it as other signs may. They will just go quiet at a certain song or memory. Leave them to it, they will snap out of it soon enough. The problem is that they hate to think that something has failed and even if it is not their fault, they still take some of the blame.

Being a water sign, don't feed them too much alcohol. You may think that the power of drink will make them more relaxed and in the mood for fun, but water signs are lousy drinkers and the effect may not be the one you had hoped for. They will either be off talking to everybody but you, or they will be asleep before the bottle is half-empty. So definitely don't go for the champagne approach with this sign. Spritzers will be the order of the day.

Their ruling planet is the moon and you must watch that they don't turn if there is a full moon. It won't be werewolves, but it could well be a mood that will make you run just as fast.
Do stick around though as they are worth the trouble and they will give you more love than you have ever seen.

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July 24 - Aug 23

Leos can provide an exciting relationship where sex is concerned and there are not normally many complaints in that department as they leave little to be desired. However the initial spark and initiative must come from their partner. Think of them as a firework waiting to be set off, they just need a little light and then they can provide the rest.

There has to be a strong element of romance to breach the Leo’s defences so don't think that they're easy prey as catching a Leo is harder than you would think. However, once caught, what a catch they are. Once upset they can shut off completely and can be known to use sex as a lever in order to get their own way.

They are proud and you may have to grovel if you have done them wrong. Too many a breakdown of a Leo’s relationship is due to neither party backing down and when the Leo withdraws sex, resentment can build up. So talk any problems through immediately as if you let things go to far then you are likely to have a bomb on your hands.

Sexually they are attractive to the opposite sex and are never short of praise from onlookers. They often use their appeal in everyday life and although not obvious flirts they do enjoy the attention of others.

And just who are the most compatible signs for a Leo? Well let's take a look...

The best marriages for the lion are with an Aries, Libran, Sagittarian or Aquarian. If you are not one of these signs then you may have to be prepared to compromise on taking major stands on issues.

The birthstone of the Leo is the sardonic, which if you can lay your hands on after an argument, may just swing it for you. Sexy is the key word to describe them and probably the reason you are interested, as I am sure they have put you through a real chase already. Hang on they're worth it and I'll tell you why... The pride that they take in themselves and their appearance means that you will never be ashamed to have them on your arm. They will stand by you through many ups and downs and can make you laugh in the most difficult of situations. Who could ask for a better love than one that sees through all difficulties?

They are generous in love and with money and will not be afraid of paying their own way on a date. They will even tolerate a loved one’s friends even if they do not care much for them themselves, as they want their close ones to be happy.

If sex does seem to be a little absent, then try and find out what is bothering them. It could be something that has nothing to do with you. However, they cannot feel emotional and free in love if they feel distraught about a difficulty in another area in their life. It may take a while to uncover, as they don't like to appear weak to anyone, not even a partner or lover.

Their ruling planet is the sun, which is the source of life. They just love to live life to the full and are ardent socialisers. This warm, generous, noble, strong and loyal sign would bring pleasure to any sign’s life. Just treat them with a little respect, as this is what is most important to them. Can't be so hard, can it?

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Aug 24 - Sept 23

Still waters definitely run deep here. One might think that Virgos are puritanical and that sex was over-rated as far as they are concerned. But how wrong could you be. For under that placid exterior lies a real sex bomb! But they don't talk about it and for a period of time, don't do anything about it. Then wham... suddenly you have a person who shows more signs of know how and experience than you could read about in any steamy novel.

They are certainly not promiscuous, and do not believe in casual relationships if they can help it. For them a relationship is something precious, private and important.
Not a person to indulge in having an affair on the side, Virgos cannot hide their emotions and furthermore, do not believe in trying to do so. When they do hide it, it will most certainly be because of the influence of another person. One of the main reasons that they don't have affairs is because they are extremely concerned with how other people view them and they like to be thought of as a person everybody likes. They will go out of their way to protect their image, even to the extent of resisting a relationship that many of us would find hard to resist, just because it has illicit undertones.

And just who are the most compatible signs for a Virgo? Well lets take a look...

The best marriages for a Virgo would be with an Aries, Taurus, Capricorn or Pisces. If you are not one of these signs, then don't worry as I am going to tell you what you will need to know to seduce the Virgo that you are after.

Sapphire is the birthstone for this sign, so why not start off with something the colour of their stone to spark their interest. If you've got blue eyes then you are already off to a good start.

Surprising is the keyword to describe a Virgo as they always know how to shock when you least expect it. If you want to be a part of their life then you must be prepared to fit in with their plans and ambitions. If you do not take an interest in what they are doing, then they will seek praise elsewhere. Thought, courtesy, practicality and honesty are the qualities you can be sure they will share with you. If they are not happy then they can become critical, cranky, timid and argumentative. Never bother arguing with them as they will always have an answer for everything.

If you criticise them about one thing, then they will come back at you with twenty. You can never win an argument with a Virgo, even if you are right, so save your breath. The only way to talk them around and more importantly to seduce them is by stroking their ego and giving them plenty of praise. They will make life beautiful for you in every way possible and can please you in ways that you never knew existed.

So if you do feel you are in love with one, then give it time. You do not get to know their ways in a week. In fact, it could take you years before you even know a little insight into the complicated but addictive world of the sensuous Virgo.

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Sept 24 - Oct 23

Sex for a Libran begins with a capital 'S'.

They regard all members of the opposite sex as a personal challenge. Their flattery and charm gets them anywhere almost everytime. Often they have the reputation as flirts who take it no further. But if they decide to go all the way they will and they can. Don't get me wrong, they don't go with just anyone, they are particularly choosy as a matter of fact. They give and receive love with real style.Their sex appeal is important to them and they need reassurance, as they have to feel wanted. They are incredibly subtle and will only tell you what they feel you should know about their feelings for you.

Romance is very important in their relationships and they certainly know how to make their partner feel wanted. They are worth fighting for, as once a Libran falls in love with you, you will never need to seek another partner. They will show you romance of the like that you have never seen. And can make you feel as if you are the only person living on this planet. The flirting that they find impossible to stop can become a problem, but more than often they give the image that they have a million partners when they only have and really want one.

And just who are the most compatible signs for the lovely Libran? Well lets take a look...

The best marriages for this entertaining character would be with an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and most favourably with a Gemini or an Aquarius.|If you are not one of these signs then don't worry, as I will tell you how to get one.

Their birth stone is an opal and if you buy them this or any other gift you can start to show them how interested you really are.

If you have any family of your own then you have definitely found a suitable sign as they are good at taking on responsibilities that are not their own.

They absolutely adore anything of beauty and refinement especially as their sign represents balance and harmony, so why not take them somewhere that they can appreciate the beauty of nature and elegance? From a stroll in the park to a night at the opera you can be sure that if you show them sight of natural beauty or talent that they will be intrigued and bemused by you.They can sometimes talk more about sex than actually doing it and although the intentions are there, the problem for a Libra is finding the time, as they always seem to be so busy.

They have the qualities of justice, charm and gentleness of which even one alone is enough to make the strongest sign swoon. Catch them on a bad day and you will find that they can be argumentative, temperamental and indecisive. They are so caring and loving that if you have one as a partner or spouse be sure to give them plenty of love and care, for if you don't then someone else just may. They won't ask for it as they feel it should be provided, so if they don't seem to crave attention, don't stop caring, they need plenty and often. Just don't assume that they are what you see on the surface.

There is much underneath and it only gets better. So go for it, they're definitely worth it.

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Oct 24 - Nov 22

This is a fiery and uninhibited personality whose success with the opposite sex is important to them. However one derogatory remark from their partner can easily dent their confidence, which because of their constant need for reassurance can cause quite a few problems in their sexual relationships. Infidelity, although not uncommon, is not usually on their mind.The reason that this may occur is not down to intrigue but points to real problems in the relationship. If they are really in love they would feel too emotional to betray not only their partner but themselves.

They make masterful lovers whose moods are infectious to all around them, and when they feel like romance and passion they most certainly do not have to announce it. They are passionate, affectionate, sensitive and responsive.

If a Scorpio is in love with you, then beware of hurting them, as they do not forgive easily. Their ruling planet is Mars, which is the planet of change and unpredictability. And this is just how they can be in love. If you betray them, you will be lucky if they even acknowledge you. They will forget your name almost instantly and try to move on with as much strength as they can muster.

And just who are the most compatible signs for a Scorpio?|Well let's take a look...

The best marriages for a Scorpio are with a Taurus, Cancer, Pisces and sometimes with a Leo or Virgo. If you are not one of these signs then hang on and I'll teach you how to sizzle a Scorpio.

Topaz is the birthstone of the scorpion and this would be a great way to catch their attention, as they love beautiful objects.

You would be a fool to ever try and put something past them, as they will know what you are doing before you have even thought about doing it.

The key word for this sign is sensual, as once they fall in love with you they will explore the world of romance to the limits. They would have to trust you to show you the true Scorpio, so if you are with one and they appear frigid or a little shallow, then you have not yet met the real person - their trust is definitely worth gaining.

This sign exudes loyalty, willpower, magnetism and insight. Catch them on a bad day and you will see that they can be ruthless, suspicious and devoted.

Love to this sign is all consuming and they have been known to give up life long ambitions for their partner. They won't even rub it in your face; they will simply plow on and follow your lead. When single they are great achievers, but once they fall in love, their life becomes your life, so there are some tell tale signs to see if they are really committed.

Sexually they are uninhibited and love nothing more than to show their feelings physically.

This sign is the second most psychic sign in the zodiac, which means that if you are seeing someone else, they will know it. If you do decide to pursue one, then you can always be certain of getting back all if not more that you put into the relationship.

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Nov 23 - Dec 21

Sagittarians make generous lovers. They are considerate partners whose deep-rooted self doubts can cause them personal conflict and, at times, lead them into becoming over demanding and selfish in order to prove themselves.
They make their partners feel needed, as if there is nobody else in the whole world but them. They are romantics whose nature makes them torrid lovers who need to possess you both body and soul. They react to rejection badly though. Sex for them is always a good topic for conversation and they are hardly ever indifferent to it. In love this sign can suffer quite a lot, as they are never convinced of their partner’s sincerity.

This sign has a lot going for it, but will definitely prove hard to keep up with, for as soon as you think you are on their wavelength, they will have moved on and you will need to learn the new pattern they have adopted. It is rather like having a dance partner who keeps changing their steps. You will have to stay open-minded and learn to dance freestyle.And just who are the most compatible signs for a Sagittarius? Well let’s take a look...

The best marriages for this sign are with an Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra and sometimes with a fellow Sagittarius. If you are not one of these signs then don't worry, I am going to tell you how to learn to seduce a Sagittarian and keep up with their fast paced lifestyle. Turquoise is their birthstone , so why not start with a gift of their stone to show them you meant business? This is a sign that needs to explore its feelings to the full. If you think that they are discontented then you are wrong. They are the ones who are constantly analysing. At times they can appear rather clumsy and this is because they need another sign to balance them. Single Sagittarians are the signs that look awkward at a party and end up making a fool of themselves. The truth is that they look to others to find their own identity.

Many Sagittarians are famous actors as they are always looking for a role that can tell them a little more about themselves and tell them who they are and how others perceive them. Often they rush through relationships too quickly; they judge a situation before they have all of the evidence they need to decide whether it's right or not. Like their sign the archer, once they know what they want, they go for it.

So if you are after this amazing sign then show them that you care, especially in the early stages of the relationship, because you may not realise it but they are analysing your every step. One step wrong in the early stages and you are out. You may not find it out straight away but they cannot bear unstable people, so show them that you are lasting and you can be sure you will have a partner that will show you all the love you could want plus more.

The positive qualities of this sign are optimism; candour, cheerfulness and honesty but if you catch them on a bad day then you may see them show carelessness, rudeness and uncertainty.They are worth the trouble for if you show them love then they will show you faithfulness, which is pretty rare for most of the signs. If you do decide to go for it, then persevere and if you don't have the character trait of patience, then forget it.

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Dec 22 - Jan 20

The attitude of the Capricorn towards sex is somewhat cold on the surface and only with the right partner can they fulfil their desires and be natural. They are full of self-conflict and need a good deal of understanding and confidence boosting. What they lack here, they make up for in warmth and responsiveness. There is no pretence with a Capricorn. There is no way that this subject can have a fulfilling relationship with their loved one if they have worries or anxieties on their minds as they can't relax. To friends and relations they may appear arrogant, but this is just a surface trait of the Capricorn, as underneath their clever exterior they are as soft and want nothing more than to be cuddled.

Many partners of Capricorns believe they are having affairs simply because of the attitude that they exude and how worldly they appear.

And just who are the most compatible signs for a Capricorn?Well lets take a look...

The best marriages for a Capricorn are with an Aries, Taurus, Virgo or a Capricorn. If you are not one of these signs then don't worry as if I am going to tell you the simple steps to captivate a Capricorn.

The birthstone for this sign is the garnet and even something garnet-coloured will catch their attention. Family is important to a Capricorn so why not try introducing them to yours?

They love to feel involved in homely affairs and they are sure to feel at ease almost immediately.If they go slow in a relationship, do not worry as it is not a sign of uncertainty.

Their ruling planet is Saturn and they like to take their time if they are serious. If they go too quickly then you should make the effort to slow things down as all of their lasting relationships are cemented with care and time. Don't get impatient; just enjoy each moment for what it is.

They will only show sentimentality when the time is right so do not expect to get a card at the appropriate time, or a phonecall when they say, as they will do things at the time they deem appropriate.

Their positive qualities are their determination, stability and wisdom but catch them on a bad day and you will see that they can be snobbish, depressive and selfish.

They are worth fighting for, as the longer you are with them, the better the relationship will get. If you jump in too quickly, then you will not have the stability. So be cool and aloof, I promise you it will work. The harder you play, the more they will chase. Crazy as it may seem, they like to come to you and not vice versa. Remember be slow but sure. You can chase them, but just don't let them know that.

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Jan 21 - Feb 19

This is a most self-assured person, whose sex appeal is extremely strong. Aquarians attract the opposite sex with little or no effort. There is most certainly nothing Victorian in their attitude, and to shop around is natural for them. But once they meet the right person, they wouldn't dream of being unfaithful. They can keep their partner happy, as they know how to turn someone on and keep them interested. There is no routine in the sexual activities of an Aquarian as they feel variety is the spice of life. They are demonstrative, natural lovers.

Life with an Aquarian is sure to be interesting as they are always thinking of future plans and can be sure to bring a smile to your face. Great talkers, they should have no problem fitting into any social circle. They can adapt their conversation to suit. So if it is parents or children, then don't worry, as they can fit in with any class or age.

And just who are the most compatible signs for an Aquarian? Well let’s take a look...

The best marriages for them are with an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.|If you are not one of these signs, then don't worry as I will tell you how to stay a part of this intriguing sign’s life, which is definitely worth the effort.

The birthstone for this sign is amethyst, so why not buy them a stone for luck? If you do, it will certainly catch their interest and they are sure to track you down to thank you for it. This is a knowledgeable sign and if you want to impress them, you should never lie. They are sure to catch you out and they do not think much of liars. So don't waste your breath. If you don't know what you are talking about, don't bother talking... listen.

Few people understand this sign, as they have their own style and if you are in love with them, then you are going to have to learn their way of communicating, as it is not the run of the mill way of life. Life can take on a whole different meaning with an Aquarian. This sign has lots of friends and it is easy to assume that they are flirting when in actual fact, they are just talking and learning about others. So don't give them a hard time or they will assume you are a little paranoid. Be relaxed and take it one day at a time. Don't be surprised if they talk of marriage in the early stages of the relationship.

They love to think of the future and sometimes they can be known as a bit of a dreamer. Interested in the meaning of life, they will want to know you before they allow you to know them and this, I'm afraid, is something you will just have to accept. If they talk about other people, this is not to make you feel uncomfortable. This is to show glimpses of their life before they tell you about themselves. Just remember, take them at their own pace and you'll be fine.

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Feb 20 - Mar 20

Reputed to be one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac, Piscean’s flair for the dramatic creates a mysterious and romantic air. They cannot indulge easily in sexual involvement. It has to mean something. They love to flirt and often go too far and find themselves in a situation they cannot cope with. Sweet talk goes a long way as they are so easily led. Sex is a private thing for them and they hate familiarity. They cannot be anticipated and their emotions are a bit of a mystery, even to themselves. Sex must be accompanied by lots of genuine affection to satisfy them. So avoid cheap tactics and obvious jokes, as that will not impress them.

You must be rather old fashioned in your approach and court them in the proper manner. In front of friends and family show them all of the respect you can find. They like to show the world that they have class and to tell them anything different will not be appreciated or tolerated.

And just who are the most compatible signs for a Pisces? Well let’s take a look...

The best marriages for a Pisces are with a Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo or Pisces.|If you are not one of these signs, then don't worry as I am going to tell you exactly how to impress and capture the heart of this most spectacular sign.

Aquamarine or bloodstone is their birthstone and you should bear this in mind when buying a gift, as anything you give them must have meaning. They are incredibly psychic - they are the most psychic sign of the zodiac - so they will read into everything you do and say.If this is someone that you are thinking of cheating on, then forget it, as they will know you are thinking of being unfaithful even before you do. Once they are in love, they will be more faithful than you could imagine.

Life will not always be easy with this sign, as if they feel they need a change you could well find yourself moving house or even town without any warning. Yet to them it will be completely normal. You will at times think that they are from a completely different planet but you will be grateful they are so different. They can understand what you are going through and are great to have on your side in an argument or dispute. Although if you are in an argument with them, they will win as they know every trick and game plan.

They are most likely to want to wear the trousers in the relationship and whether you want to or not, you must accept the fact that they will assume control of both of your lives. If you are clever, then you will plant ideas in their mind as that is the most successful way to live life with a Piscean. Let them think they are in control!

Call now for your in depth horoscope reading. Call: 0905 647 2211 Calls cost 25p per min plus your phone companies access charge. SP: Allstar Psychics.

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