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Mothers Day Special

Whether you’re running late or you planned it months ago, it’s no use forking out a fortune on flowers for your mum if they’re the wrong ones.

You may as well throw your money down the drain, or spend it down the pub (easy readers!!!).

Seriously, astrology doesn't just tell you whether you’re going to get the person you fancy to notice you, but each star sign also has a plant or flower that it represents and different elements need different types of flowers. So, read on to find out what bouquet you should be buying your mum, or whether you shouldn't be buying her flowers at all. Blooming Marvellous!

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

The Aries mother is not a quiet character, she has a strong and somewhat diverse personality who won’t mind a tipple every now and then, although being her offspring this could well be a fact you do not know about her! Being ruled by Mars the planet of change an unpredictability you need to get them something that will surprise them.  Red is their colour so make this the base for your colour scheme.    Go for something really over the to and put a thistle in it which comes under their signs rulership. Above all you have to go for something over the top and different.  Many of the shops sell Cactus and they are sure to find this different from the norm and won’t like many of the other signs in the zodiac take it the wrong way. Thorn bearing trees and shrubs are also ruled by Aries, so if they are a keen gardener that it is the Hawthorn that you should purchase for them.  Honeysuckle is also lucky for the ram so why not pick up a honeysuckle plant, they’re sure to love it.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Taurean mothers are more often than not fantastic cooks so you want to make sure you reward her well for all of the love and care she has put into your life over the years.  Pastel Shades, pale blues, greens and pinks come under her rulership, so don’t go for bright colours but go for something that will sit comfortably in her home amongst all her ‘things’ You may want to throw a bottle of wine in their two as mother bulls like a drop or two, but make sure if she eats lots of meat it’s red and if she prefers fish or is a vegetarian then go for a good white wine.   You can even get flowers that come in stylish glass vases now and that would be ideal, as this is the sign of the hoarder who will want to receive a gift that she can use over and over again.  Most of all make sure that you don’t buy her flowers that will die after one day, she is shrift with money and will think it an awful waste if you were to buy her something which is beautiful but doesn’t last more than a couple of days. And last but not least the message on her card is important so don’t fail to tell her you love her.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

The Gemini mother is a very individual one for every child of a Gemini at some point in their lives thinks that they are in the way.  This is not so but the Gemini mother is a clever soul and will manage to juggle kids, a career and numerous other responsibilities on time. Her lucky colour is yellow, so a massive bunch of daffodils would make her happy.  It is all about colour and reflecting her happy nature.  Underneath it though you could always put a couple of tickets for a weekend away. Her ruling planet is Mercury and she loves travelling.  If you want to go for a plant then lavender, likely of the valley, maidenhair, myrtle and fern all come under her rulership.  It is not about what you spend on her but how you give it.  This sign loves excitement and will gaze in awe at a box with a mystery present in it.  She will not have been your normal mother but let her know this mothers day that she was the best kind ‘for you’ She often suffers from self doubt and needs a little reassurance every now and then.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

The Cancerian mother may as well have been taken straight from Little House on the Prairie.  They are born carers and know just how to speak to children and how to raise them with love and understanding. What better way to show her this than to buy her some of her favourite flowers?  Acanthus, convolvulvus, lily, waterlily, geranium, white roses and white flowers in general are all perfect for hits mum.  Her lucky colours are smoky grey and silvery blue colours so why not get some twigs that are sprayed this colour to fit amongst them.  She needs something that is stylish and that people will comment on as being different from the norm.  You could even frame a maple leaf which is also lucky for her and give her a basket with her lucky herbs in which are saxifrage, verbena and tarragon.  To go for the sure winner though, make it roses.  They are not as expensive as they used to be if you buy them from high street stores, she’s sure to be worth every penny.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

Leos are ruled by the sun and this is a woman that will know how to bring sunshine into her children’s lives, her friend’s lives and anyone in fact that she comes into contact with.  Her lucky colours for her sign are reds, yellows and oranges, all of the colours of the sun.  They are not as confident as they make out so make sure you tell her how special she is to you and buy her the flowers that come under her sign of the lion.  Sunflowers, marigolds and passionflowers are all fantastic.  Knowing how generous she is you will probably have to buy the vase to go with it too, but don’t worry, she’ll tell the whole world who brought them for her and will have problems throwing them out even if they look past their best.  If you want to buy her something different then buy her an olive tree, this also comes under her rulership and is sure to bring her reason to get out in the garden, one of her favourite places when she’s not gossiping with the neighbours.  And last but not least, give her a back rub, lions never stand up straight and she’s sure to have a few aches or pains there, so indulge in her as she has in you over the years.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

This is one of the hardest signs in the zodiac to buy for, as they are incredibly picky. Earth signs love their home and Virgo’s love their family so as well as flowers why not put a favourite picture of hers in a frame so that she may sit back and recount her many memories.  Her lucky colours are greens and dark browns, earthy tones in general are what you will also find she favours with her clothing.  Any small flowers are good for her or you could even go for an orchid in a planter, which you can buy, from a lot of the popular high street stores.  Mercury is her ruling planet so make sure you get her out and about and treat her to a nice meal as well.  She is proud of her family and likes to be seen in nice places with them it is not all about money to her, but more about the company she is keeping.  Earth signs also love food so let her put her feet up and cook for her for a change if you can’t afford a meal out.  You can buy some great hanging baskets too that you can fill the herbs that come under her sign with such as crosswort.  And last but not least give her a kiss, they are not the most affectionate of signs but deep down inside are probably dying for a cuddle and who better to give one than your baby, even if you are taller than her now.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

Librans make one of the best parents of the zodiac and you can bet that every problem you have had in your life she has taken on as her own even when you didn’t want her to!  Shades of blue, pale green and pink are the colours that come under her rulership.  You can find some beautiful mixed bouquets with call lilies in nowadays.  Librans have style and class so try to go for the kind of flowers that you don’t see everyday.  Balance them up though, the sign of the scales will soon tell you if you are missing the relevant greenery or twigs that should be amongst her bouquet. She also loves music so why not pick up a copy of her favourite CD for her to sing away the hours to.  If you want to go really overboard then buy her an apple tree, it also comes under her rulership and she is naturally green fingered, well the majority of Libran mums are, but as I’m sure you’ll agree there’s always the exception to the rule.  Roses are the first choice for flowers but I know they are also one of the most expensive.  If you can’t afford to go for that end of the market then you’ll also be pleased to hear that daisies are under her rulership too, so if all else fails and your moneys running tight grab a bunch of daisy, brought not stolen and tell her how much you love her.  All you have to tell a Libran is that she’s the best mum in the world and you’ll have clean washing guaranteed for the next year.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

Scorpio mothers are like no other; in fact they really are one in a million.  You will find her your best friend and a major headache all at the same time. Her colours are deep reds and maroons and what better flowers to pick of that colour than something exotic like her nature.  Honeysuckle also comes under her rulership, so pick up something of this sweet smiling plant to compliment her clothes draws which are sure to be crammed full.  Above all this is a woman that like mystery and even if she tells you she doesn’t expect a present deep down inside she will be convinced that you have picked up something exciting for her. Mother’s day to a Scorpio is like birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.  Lilies wouldn’t be a bad choice as although many people associate them with death, Scorpio’s think of them as representing rebirth and new beginnings.  Think of ab fab and you will find the right present but go for predictable and your dinner will be in the dog bowl, although from my experience of Scorpio’s she’s probably already hinted several times exactly what she would like.  Rodedendrums is always a winner, and will create the right vibe in her home too, for this very psychic and individual sign.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

The archer of the zodiac is a very ambitious sign and so to have had children would have been a sacrifice in her life no matter how maternal she may feel.  Appreciate this fact by buying her something she will treasure.  Rich dark purples and dark blues are the best colours to get in a bouquet for her.  She won’t want anything of a pastel shade; in fact she’ll probably be almost repulsed by it unless it’s all pure white right down to the wrapping paper of course.  Borage oil would be a nice additional gift it comes under her rulership and has great healing properties.  A night on the tiles also wouldn’t go amiss and don’t’ worry if she looks like she’s going to cost you a fortune they may go up in the air with a vengeance at the first sign of a party but they also come down with a bang so she’ll probably be ready for bed before you.  Go for a bouquet like Aqua roses from one of the high street stores or order right here on Open.  As long as you choose something long stemmed, as I doubt this woman owns a short vase.  Pick something that says fun and save the predictable for the earth signs, fire signs like to be impressed and by going for the unexpected you’re sure to be in the pink for many months to come.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

A Capricorn mother may have been hard going at time but I bet that you appreciate it now don’t you.  They like a routine and will have set a bedtime that your other friends will have laughed it, but just look at where you are in your career now compared to them.  If you want to let her know that she’s been a good mum then choose her colours, which are Dark Green, greys, browns and Blacks.  You may think this sounds boring but the most unusual of flowers can be found in these colours.  A cactus or even a bay tree would win top marks.  The cactus would be very happy in earth signs home and a bay tree outside the front door would be the perfect greeting point for the many visitors that this woman is sure to have coming to her home to tell them her problems.  Pansies also come under her rulership and these come in her colours, so why not go for something that you know will give her pleasure.  If you’re looking for a plant then pine, elm and willow is all lucky for her and with her green fingers is sure to thrive well under her care.  Capricorn’s are not very good with words, but let her knows how you feel, you’ll make her day and probably her year.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

Air sign mothers talk too much and you may even have been embarrassed when you were a kid and she spent more time talking to your mates than she did. I bet you appreciate it now though, as this is a woman that will be a mother and a friend all rolled into one.  Her colours are electric blue and turquoise. If you can’t find flowers of these colours then get some snazzy wrapping paper to liven them up. If you are willing to make the effort though there are many buds that come in this colour and she’s sure to feel happy the moment she sets her eyes on them.  Fruit trees come under her rulership so if you really want to splash out then pop one outside her door so that when she wakes up it is waiting for her.  The best choice of all has to be an orchid, which many high street stores now do in their own containers.  Not only does the orchid have an association with her sign but for some reason it seems to give Aquarians both male and female piece of mind.  And last but not least make sure you spare an evening to sit down and talk to her.  This is a sign that gets so hungry for conversation they could die and just to sit down and catch up with you is worth more to your old mum than all the tea in china.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

This is the most intriguing of all the signs in the zodiac and is even more dramatic than Scorpio (if that’s possible.)  This is one mother that your friends from school will still be talking about years on.  Agony aunt, best friend, sparring partner, the lot and she will still be making heads turn even now.  Soft shades of green are her colours, so pick something with lots of greenery to it but do your best to make sure that it looks really dramatic.  The waterlily come under her rulership and as long as you have made an effort that is all that counts, she hates for people to think she doesn’t exist.  In fact it would be almost impossible not to take notice of her but she has a heart of gold so why not go for a mini bottle of champagne as well. I say mini because this is a mum that cannot drink and you don’t want to have her crying on your shoulder telling you what a cute child you were now do you.  Anything that is dramatic will work and the bigger the bow and the wrapping the more brownie points you will earn.  Don’t go for tacky and don’t go for carnations though, or you may just get them thrown in the street where you will swiftly follow.  Somehow though, if you’ve grown up with a Pisces mum, I think you already know that!

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Written by Claire Petulengro Published: Dec 31, 2015
2015 has certainly been an eventful year and there is not a sign in the zodiac who hasn't experienced tears of joy and pain as the planets made it an emotive twelve months to say the least.
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