Essential Oils

Organic Sicilian citrus oils

A range of essential oils for health and wellbeing.

Soothing essential oils made from 100% organic citrus fruits

My character charts not only reveal the secrets of the stars that shape your personality and destiny but are works of art in themselves that you’ll want to frame or buy as beautiful gifts for friends and family.

Choose from a character scroll for you or a loved one, a child’s scroll – perfect as a newborn gift or for a christening, a partnership profile scroll for compatability, and a separation scroll – my cheeky, just fun scroll to show you all the reasons you’re better off without your ex.

When ordering the scroll just let me know the relevant date, place and time of birth (if known) and then sit back and wait for your scroll to be hand prepared and posted to you.

Buy my essential oils online

View my 100% pure oil bottles and my rollerballs for pulse point application in my shop. All available in the following flavours….

Organic & pure

Sicilian Lemon

Organic & pure

Sicilian Mandarin

Organic & pure

Pink Grapefruit

Organic & pure

Blood    Orange

Organic & pure

Blonde Orange